Baby J

Baby J

Although this is not my first newborn session, it is my first post on this new website.  It seems fitting that it is with a very important person in my (our) lives. This photo session was with one of the most amazing teachers I know.   She was the kindergarten teacher to both of my babies, now in 1st and 3rd.

As a mother, we want our children to have a great education and as a teacher, I know that kindergarten is the stepping stone.  She made school fun, educational but most importantly, I could tell that she truly LOVES my boys.  She loves them for who they are, for who they are becoming, for all of the silly things they said, and for all of the NOT so silly things they did.  She was loving, caring, kind, inspirational, dedicated, humble, patient, and has the heart of an angel.  I remember that she would laugh at me when I would tell her how I had NO WORDS to express all of my gratitude-she was not a mother then.  I don’t think she really believed or understood what I was trying to say to her and how deep my gratitude is. I think that now, now that she has her very own little miracle, she will understand how I feel when someone else loves your child almost as much as you do and inspires them to do their best day in and day out.

It is hard to express in words how truly valuable she is in our lives.  Words cannot express how special this photo session was to me!  I already love my baby J as if he were my own!!

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